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ค้นหา Sukob (The Wedding Curse) วิวาห์อาถรรพ์ (2016) ด้วย Google Sukob (The Wedding Curse) วิวาห์อาถรรพ์ (2016)

Sukob (The Wedding Curse) วิวาห์อาถรรพ์ (2016)

หมวดหมู่หนัง : Drama หนังดราม่า

6.1/ (10 IMDB

เรื่องราวโดยย่อ :


Sandy and Phil, both Overseas Workers in Dubai, are busy preparing for their wedding. Upon reaching her home, Sandy learns from her mother, Daisy, what happened to her friend, Helen. A short time after Helen’s father died, Helen proceeded with her wedding. A few weeks after the wedding, Helen’s husband dies in a plane crash. As Helen goes to the crash site, she dies in a bus accident. A few weeks later, Helen’s mother suddenly disappears inside her house. Their bodies have never been recovered. Sandy proceeds with her own wedding. During the ceremony, she suffers from nosebleed and starts seeing glimpses of a ghostly flower girl. It turns out that she is not the only one who saw it. Maja, a psychic and the daughter of her husband’s cousin, also saw the flower girl. Hours later, Sandy and Phil learn that the van carrying some of the secondary sponsors met an accident. When they get to the site, the bodies of the victims could not be found. Instead, they see a bridal cord. Sandy’s …